Solar outdoor lighting - NxT solar powered solar lamp post RGB color LED garden light for resorts, parks, hotels

Soluxio NxT Solar Outdoor Lighting

Capture the sun.

With the NxT, the sun is always at the tip of your fingers. Powered directly by the sun, this next generation wireless solar lamp post offers unrivaled freedom and unique lighting possibilities.


Installing NxT solar outdoor lighting is literally a matter of plug & play. Dig a hole wherever you want and plug the NxT in. It will automatically start charging and is configured by default to turn on as soon as the sun has set. There’s nothing more to it.


NxT solar outdoor lighting offers endless lighting possibilities. The lamp automatically adapts to sunset & sunrise, so you won’t have to flick a single switch.


Solar power is the lifeblood of the Nxt.  Designed to last and with recyclability in mind, the NxT solar outdoor lamp is the sustainable outdoor lighting choice.

State-of-the-art design

NxT solar outdoor lighting features cutting-edge technology. The solar cells used have the highest efficiency available on the market, and the NxT is the first ever consumer product that integrates these cells in curved solar panels. This unique diffuse glass light module spreads the LED light in all directions. The modular design allows you to tailor the NxT to your demands, with a variety of exclusive finishes and colors to choose from.

Advanced on-board electronics enable each solar outdoor lamp to continuously optimise its lighting scheme and adapt to the seasons and weather. Manufactured in the same factory as our solar street light the NxT combines industrial grade materials and technology with elegant and minimalistic design. As all of our products, the solar outdoor lamp is wholly designed, produced and assembled in the Netherlands.


Soluxio NxT solar bollard features

Height ±1.20m / 4 feet above ground level (higher on request)
Diameter ø 200mm
Column material Aluminum
Foundation In-ground (flanged base optional)
Colours Silver or black (other colours on request)
Luminaire type LED
Light colour 4000K / warm white (other colours on request)
Power max. 12W
Lighting scheme Automatic adaption to sunset and sunrise (GPS)
Seasonal Dynamic Dimming Yes
Solar cell technology Mono-crystalline silicon, >23% efficiency
Number of solar cells 12 cells
Nominal power >40Wp
Front sheet material Borosilicate glass
Number of Maximum Power Point Trackers 2
Battery technology Lithium
Battery capacity 448 Wh
Control electronics
On-board mobile communication GSM | LTE-M
Over-the-air-updateable Yes
Time and date Astronomical clock
NxT solar LED lamp technical specifications